bread bread Campange Double ferment, crackling crust, & lite open textured crumb. A great accompaniment for your next antipasto platter. 184480267 Dark Rye Roll If you like rye, you would enjoy a gourmet rye sandwich rolls. 184480268 Chunky Fruit Dates, figs, apricots, sultanas, currants & spices gently blended into a light sourdough based on a mixture of wholemeal, rye and white flours. The ultimate Fruit loaf experience. Toasted with jams or soft cheese on a platter. 1.100kg loaf. 184480269 Ciabatta Traditional Italian slipper loaf. It is the Prolonged Rising and high Liquid content that produce this very light bread with it?s uniquely open texture.An essential for your Antipasto Platter. Available in a 650gm loaf or 150gm roll. 184480270 Olive Rosemary Vienna Kalamata olives and fresh herbs in a special sponge dough.Definitely an Olive experience. Cut it thick and serve with your favourite fillings. Available in a 700gm loaf 184480271 Pasta-dura The double rising produces this Long Loaf with a delicate Crispy Crust and Fine Crumb. Very dense Italian bread. Best served with Sliced Parma Ham or Country Salami and other Antipasto. Available in 800gm loaf or 150gm roll. 184480273 Sweet Potato Cobb Freshly baked sweet potato , roasted sunflower seeds added into our special sourdough. Gives this loaf it?s dense crumb & light crust. A perfect accompiant to any dish. Available in a 700gm cobb. 184480274 Pumpkin Loaf Fresh baked pumpkin & pepitas in a sourdough. Available as a 700gm loaf 184480275 Country Grain Vienna Mixture of country grain seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, etc in sourdough. Available as a 700gm loaf 184480276 Farmhouse A light sourdough loaf, with added semi-sprouting wheat, giving it a very traditional flavor. Available in a 900gm loaf, 600gm farmhouse, or 150gm rolls 184480278 Montepertuso A soft loaf, with an open crumb texture, & mild sour dough flavour. Toasted or turned into a gourmet sandwich this is the loaf. Available in a 800gm Vienna 184482793 Brioche A French styled sweet bread with a soft sweet crumb. Perfect toasted with jam, or French toasted and served with fresh berries & ice-cream. Available in a 600gm loaf. 184482794 Croissant Light and fluffy butter style croissants. Available in large and small sizes. 184482795 English Breakfast Muffin A soft English styled roll made using milk & butter to create a light & airy texture. Perfect with any breakfast or just great for an afternoon burger. 184482796 Panini Square Soft and full of flavour with a crisp outer crust. A great alternative for the Lunch time Sandwich. Available in a square or triangle shape. 184482797 Panini Triangle 184482798 Par Baked Pizza Base Par baked and ready for you to lavish with your own toppings. Available in 8cm, 24cm, and 30cm sizes. 184482799 Potato Flat Bread Large soft and perfect for burgers or filled rolls. 150gm roll. Available sweet potato & sunflower or plain. 184482800 Small Turkish A flat loaf, coated with olive oil and a blend of middle eastern seeds. Available as a 800gm, 500gm loaf or 150gm roll in various sizes and shapes 184482801 Square Turkish 184482802 Bagel Soft, chewy,& absolutely delicious. Loaded up with your favorite filling. Available in 150gm, blueberry, chocolate, sundry tomato & Parmesan cheese, sultana & cinnamon or plain. 184482803